The Chocolate Maker

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In the naval base of Salinas in the picot of Santa Elena There is the Chocolate maker that is a sector in the coastline between the land and the sea in which the frontal and coastal marine currents converge.

So called because the waves that arrive in frontal way break with force shaking the sediments of the seabed to be carried towards the beach or cliff like a bubbling foam that by its color and consistency is similar to that of the chocolate to then be Returned in a current of hangover by a channel through the waves.

The chocolate maker has lookouts on low-rise cliffs to observe the arrival of the waves, there are also well-arranged trails to delimit the safety zone.

Among the most notable constructions are a small lighthouse and the Mirador Gaviota in which with a little luck it is possible to photograph the seabirds of the sector such as seagulls and blue-footed that rest quietly in the place.

This magical corner of Salinas is a fairly large space that includes certain facilities for tourists such as bathrooms, information offices, food and handicrafts sales.

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