San Lorenzo Beach

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The beach of San Lorenzo in Salinas is located at the foot of the Malecon and separated by a street of the urban center of the city where large and modern constructions predominate.

Surrounded by sea, hotels, restaurants, amusement centers is the ideal place for people who like the party atmosphere.

About three kilometres long, the sand is beige with the presence of a shell ground by the blow of the waves. The sea is bluish green and its waters are warm suitable for bathing or water sports.

Malecón of Salinas

The Malecón of Salinas is a modern avenue built in front of the sea adorned with coconut palm (Coco nucifera) that gives it a look of photography.

A few meters from the sea, on the boardwalk you feel the sea breeze and you can enjoy the flight of the gannets, it is also amazing to watch the sunset from this place.

In the heart of the city is the viewpoint that is a solid construction on the sea to have a vision of 360 º of the place. This viewpoint also serves as a pier and embarkation point for small yachts and boats.

It is necessary to be careful during the tidal changes because the water rises or falls very quickly mainly during the full or new moons. When the swell is pretty strong it usually covers this avenue.

In front of the Malecon stands the Lighthouse of the Salinas Yacht Club which is the nautical club of the city.

Museum of Archaeology and Naval

The Archaeology museum is another attraction close to the beach. In it you will find a complete sample of various cultures of the area and of boats stranded in the colonial era.

The museum Salinas Siglo XXI is located in the street Malecón and Guayas and Quil in an old archaeological settlement Guancavilca.

The hours of service are from Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 and Sunday from 09:00 to 15:00.

Whale Museum

It is a private collection of marine mammals found in Av. General Enríquez Gallo, between Streets 47 and 50 and which promotes the knowledge and conservation of these animals.

Among the main specimens you can find are whales, dolphins, sea lions.

The collection continues to grow and feeds mainly on beach-stranded animals.

Sports on the beach

First thing in the morning it is common to find people jogging in front of the sea that in the course of the day is displaced by other people doing sports such as beach volleyball and water sports such as swimming, surfing and sailing.

These same beaches have been home to national and global surfing and sailing competitions.

This is because there are the proper conditions of waves, tides and wind to develop these disciplines.

How to get there?

San Lorenzo Beach in Salinas is 150 km from Guayaquil and can be reached by road. There are several bus companies that carry out the tour.

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