Calendar of holidays in Ecuador

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The bill regulating the country‘s national and local holidays, approved in December 2016, establishes 11 days of rest at the national and one local level, which will not be recoverable. In short:

Holidays that coincide with Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays will be transferred to Friday.

Holidays that coincide with Sunday or Tuesday will be transferred to Monday.

Except for transfers of holidays are: January 1, December 25 and Carnival Tuesday. These dates will be restful regardless of the day they coincide.

For those sectors that cannot stop their activities, the alternatives of rotating shifts or the payment of those days worked are established.

Rotating shifts: Other days will be allocated for compulsory rest.

Payment of holidays: Employers will cancel these days to their workers.

In addition, the law empowers the President of the Republic to decree: Holiday bridges or suspension of workdays on days that are not compulsory rest, being recoverable.

In addition, the law empowers the President of the Republic to decree: Holiday bridges or suspension of workdays on days that are not compulsory rest, being recoverable.

They are national holidays for Ecuador:

New Year-January 1

Non-recoverable holiday. In the 2020 coincides with the day Wednesday.


In year 2019 coincide with the days 2-3-4-5 of March.

In the year 2020 coincide with the days 22-23-24-25 of February. Non-recoverable holiday.


Friday-Saturday-holy Sunday that in year 2019 coincide with April 20-21-22. It is a religious celebration commemorating the Passion of Christ. Not recoverable.

In the year 200 coincide with the days 10-11-12 of April.

Labor Day-May 1

In the year 2019 coincides with the day Wednesday, by the law of holidays moves to the day Friday May 3. Not recoverable.

Battle of Pichincha-May 24

Coincides with the day Friday. We remember the libertarian prowess of 1822 in the foothills of the Pichincha volcano. Non-recoverable

First cry of independence-August 10

In 2019 it is Saturday and by the law of holidays the free day moves to Friday August 9. It commemorates the 10th of August 1809 in which the Creoles Quito express their decision to constitute a sovereign government. Not recoverable.

Independence of Guayaquil-October 9

Coincides with the day Wednesday 9 and moves to Friday October 11. The independence process is recalled to end the existing colonial ties with the Spanish Empire. Not recoverable.

Day of the deceased-November 2

He moved to Friday the 1st of November. Not recoverable.

Cuenca Independence-November 3

As the National Holidays Act is transferred to Monday, November 4. It recalls the independence feat of November 3, 1820 in which Cuenca declares its independence from the Spanish crown. Not recoverable.

Christmas-December 25th

It commemorates the birth of Jesus in Nazareth more than 200 years ago. Date of profound significance for Christian families.

Are local holidays for the province of Santa Elena

Provincialization of St. Helena-November 7th

  • 2019 falls on Thursday, the free day is moved to Friday November 8th.
  • 2020 falls on Saturday
  • 2021 Falls on Sunday

Cantonment of St. Helena-January 22nd

  • 2019 falls on Tuesday, the free day is moved to Monday, January 21.
  • 2020 falls on Wednesday
  • 2021 falls on Thursday

Cantonation of Freedom-14 April

  • 2019 Falls on Sunday, the free day is moved to Monday 15 April.
  • 2020 falls on Tuesday.
  • 2021 falls on Wednesday.

Cantonment of Salinas-December 22

  • 2019 falls on Sunday moves to Monday 23 December.
  • 2020 falls on Tuesday
  • 2021 falls on Wednesday


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