How to choose a hotel?

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In Salinas you can find hotel for all tastes and pockets. If you plan to travel during a holiday, vacation or weekend you should take the precaution of booking in advance because they are usually busy on those dates.

Before booking the ideal hotel for your holiday we recommend to keep in mind the following recommendations, much more if it is the first time you are going to stay in the city.

The location

In Salinas the right question would be in front of the sea or near it.

A good number of hotels are located on Malecón Avenue facing the sea, are modern facilities that have many facilities mainly a beautiful view to the sea.

Ideal for people who like to see the movement of the city and the nightlife. Not recommended for those who prefer quiet places.

In the Transversals and later streets you can also find hotels that have the same facilities and even guarantee the parking if you travel by car. They are not far from the beach and it is possible to get more calm to the bustle of the Malecon.

At the opposite end you can also find hotel in less modern but more economical facilities and they continue to lend the same comforts

Access to Transportation

Being a small town there is not much difference in transportation, it is recommended to make use of taxi in case you want to move towards the reserve at La Picota.

To be transported to freedom you can take the bus that passes by Avenida Jaime Roldós Aguilera.

Cleanliness of the Hotel

The hotels in Salinas try to maintain a good standard of cleanliness in their facilities but there will always be one that does not fulfill our expectation in which case it is always advisable to observe the recommendations of the guests who leave on the website of the Hotel or on the popular booking sites.

Try to get one where most customers agree to have received good service.


You may make minimal use of the hotel restaurant; But there will be occasions, especially if you are travelling with small children that it is preferable that the hotel has a kitchen and restaurant that you can enter and check the food preparation process.

Check also if your reservation includes the breakfast service and if positive confirms the schedules.

Free Internet

If you take the job to the hotel you will not rest and it is preferable to forget about the phone for a short time but if you do not have another make sure that within the services of the hotel include Wi-Fi and free Internet.

Air conditioning or fan

Remember that you are on the coast and the temperature always skirts the 26º C, so make sure you are offered air conditioning or at least fan. And don’t use the air conditioner all the time as you could catch cold it, it is preferable to leave it on for a few minutes before you enter the room.


Remember that many modern buildings have more than one floor and if you are not accustomed to climbing or lowering stairs or traveling with a person in a wheelchair it is preferable to first check that the lift is working properly.

Room size and number of beds

The modern booking pages report the size of the room, if you do not travel alone and all are going to stay in the same room it is preferable to get an idea of the available space and confirm in number of beds.

Staff treatment

Trátame you want me to treat you. In general the people of Salinas are friendly and are predisposed to the good treatment, much will depend on you to get people to take the best out of them.


Your budget will allow you to have a greater or lesser amount of options available and we are sure you will want to pay for a good place and service. And in prices there are for all tastes

Review the reviews

We said, there is no better indicator than the reviews of other visitors, you will not have to review them all but a short reading will give you a good idea of the service and treatment offered in that hotel


Image of Ming Dai in Pixabay

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