Ecuadorian Ceviche

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The base of a good Ecuadorian ceviche is the lemon, the kidney tomato, the red onion, the cilantro and the salt mixed with some fresh shellfish or some other ingredient according to the region.

In the Ecuadorian coast you prefer the ceviche of shell, shrimp or fish also there is octopus, squid or clam mule leg.

For the fish it is easier to do it with sea bass or shark because it does not require fire to cook only lemon that by its acidic effect changes the PH of the meat in contact, modifying its proteins, similar to the effect that is obtained by boiling the ingredients.

The shell and clam go through a similar process, the taste of these seafood is delicate, with a sweet touch.

For shrimp ceviche and other crustaceans such as crabs should be boiled first the ingredients until they acquire a reddish color, you should keep an eye on their cooking as the consistency of the meat changes.

Ceviche is not served alone

All ceviches are accompanied by a garnish of roasted corn, popcorn or popcorn, chifles, bread or white rice according to the taste of the one who consumes it.

This is because the Ecuadorian ceviche is more humid than the Peruvian ceviche, it is more like a cold soup that is required to counteract in acidity.

But don’t be afraid of it, the combination described is exquisite and it is at the exact point to cure the hangover or to enhance the libido.

In your table you will also find sunflower or olive oil, mustard, black pepper and a good chili that you can add according to your taste.

And don’t forget that a good ceviche is served with a cold beer.

In Salinas you will find ceviches that guarantee a fresh, well prepared product, in a family atmosphere and first class service.

Published on: 2019-04-24  -  Filed under: Ecuadorian Food